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Whisper is a proprietary Android and iOS mobile app available without charge. It is a form of anonymous social media, allowing users to post and share photo and video messages anonymously, although this claim has been challenged with privacy concerns over Whisper's handling of user data. The postings, called "whispers", consist of text superimposed over an image, and the background imagery is either automatically retrieved from Whisper's own search engine or uploaded by the user. The app, launched in March 2012, is the main product of the media company WhisperText LLC, which was co-founded by CEO Michael Heyward, the son of the entertainment executive Andy Heyward, and Brad Brooks, who is the CEO of mobile messaging service TigerText. Since 2015, the service has sought to become more of a brand advertising platform, with promotional partnerships with Netflix, NBCUniversal, Disney, HBO, and MTV. According to TechCrunch, as of March 2017, Whisper has a total of 17 billion monthly pageviews on its mobile and desktop websites, social channels and publisher network, with 250 million monthly users across 187 countries. It is owned by MediaLab.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No ethics, swindled everyone and formed a new facade."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"A tremendous waste of everyone's time and resources."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad bad bad management, liars and swindlers! Only 2 left CMO and CEO and only because they cant go anywhere."

Former Employee - Manager says

"The CEO and his puppet mouthpiece CMO are professional liars who manipulate the employees to think everything is fine. The reality is they're desperately throwing heaps of spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks long enough to make a couple bucks. They're unethical and dishonest, lying to the the faces of employees daily and talking badly about them behind their backs like rotten children. The good reviews on here responding to the bad ones are up because employees were asked to write them. The execs laugh off bad reviews and then assign names to them so they can say "so and so is an idiot," and then promptly ask people to write a good review to bury it. They're just trying to mask the reality for sad employees who still have a morsel of faith left in these horrible people."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"NO MONEY: Their operating expenses are too high and revenue numbers are down. Finance constantly tells employees to go find a new job because they won't make payroll and services are literally being shut off because bills aren't being paid. The landlord even came into the building shouting at the CEO in front of all the engineers saying "you haven't paid rent in months!" NO VISION: There is no vision or leadership. Michael Heyward, the CEO has never had a job or went to college. He started this "company" or rather hobby when he was 23 with zero experience. He doesn't know how to set goals, forecast, manage investors or develop a product roadmap. There is no structure. No one knows what they are working on and the plan pivots several times a week merely because he feels like it with no rhyme or reason. The only other member of the "executive team" is Eric Yellin , CMO who comes in at 12p and leaves at 3p every day if he is in the office at all. No one knows quite what he does as he tends to just take walking meetings with people and tell them how incompetent Michael, the CEO is and that the company is going bankrupt but that he can afford to stick around since his wife is independently wealthy. It is an obscure & toxic environment these two have developed with no experience or leadership skills. NO ONE LEFT: They laid off 25 people in July 2017 but that was just the beginning, everyone has resigned. The COO and 14 others resigned the week after the lay-offs then a few months later the CTO, Director of Product, Director of HR, Director of Sales and Director of Editorial all left as well. There are maybe 18 people left working at this company and they are all spending their days looking for jobs or interviewing, myself included. I'm simply writing this review as a warning because somehow people are still applying to work for this place."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Executive leadership team is beyond dysfunctional without a true vision for the company and no idea how to execute."


"Whisper is in a hurry right now to reach profitability, but the cash clock is ticking and time is running out. It's not impossible to beat the clock, but this executive team will trip over themselves and trip up any remaining employees along the way and ruin their chance for success. Startups don't have idea problems; they have execution problems. That's why it's critical to hire the best people, the experts, and then give them freedom and space to quickly roll out solutions. The Whisper execs found great people, but they often got in the way. I've never witnessed such massive micro-managing from the top. As if that alone weren't bad enough, their ideas were frequently wrong. So imagine being the expert, then being micro-managed, with bad ideas, and be forced to execute them, and then be blamed for the inevitably horrible outcome. Many employees have the passion to bring the vision to reality, but they were sadly thwarted at every turn. This style unfortunately caused many A-players to start leaving voluntarily over the last year. Those who hadn't left on their own accord, were laid off recently, or about 20% of the company. There's now a dearth of talent, the very resource needed to actually pull off the win. The mismanagement is precisely why it's highly doubtful that Whisper will beat the cash clock and succeed. Even if the sky opened up and millions of dollars came rushing down into their coffers, the executive team would repeat it's mistakes."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The CEO is the worst kind. Isn't smart, but thinks he is. Truly dangerous. He should not be running a company. The fact that he has been given $60mm in funding is amazing to me. I wouldn't give him a cigarette. A previous review wrongfully suggested that the CMO has "above average intelligence" this is flat out false. He possesses no intelligence but he is exceptionally cunning in how he positions himself. He will defer to you and your knowledge (which he is skeptical of because he does not understand fundamental elements of your job) and then throw you under the bus if you fail or claim the credit for your success. They recently laid off 15 people after having seen 15+ quit the company over the past year. More have quit since. People have quit without having any other job prospects lined up. That's how bad it is. They have lost so much talent and have kept all of the management so it should come as no surprise why they keep failing. If you want to land at a company whose culture is so toxic, a company that is disdainful of ambition and fearful of your ideas, whose CEO thinks he's smarter than you, who feels like he can do your job better than you, demands you execute his ideas and, when they fail, that you take the blame then Whisper is the perfect place for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company has been lying to its employees, investors and press about its overall well-being. I was lied to at my interview and was given false numbers about how good the app is doing. There's no future, no money and no career perspectives whatsoever. Backstabbing, gossip, sexism — all here. Rotten, ugly company with probably the most toxic environment and complete lunatic CEO. The CEO is like a teenager, has never worked under any management ever in his life, terrified of making any decisions, yet he won't listen to any of the people he has hired. Stubborn, opinionated, dishonest and delusional. The company is about to shut down and if you are considering getting a job here — stay away (unless your fetish is watching people suffer and startups dissolve)."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The leadership lied and cheated its employees, laying off incredibly talented people and leaving many of them in the dust after years of commitment to the company. Company leaders exaggerate the truth and give false information to distract the employees and the world from what is really going on behind the curtains. There is little room for growth and development. Female employees be forewarned- it's difficult to advance and to be heard above the "men" No set goals for any department. Pay for most positions are under industry minimum."

Snowcat backcountry guide (Former Employee) says

"It was not organized, it was not safe, the equipment is very old and unsatisfactory. They had us working on the maintenance in the cold where the cats could not thaw and or able to seal because of being frozen."

Mental Health Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Whispering Ridge was a good job to work at. Many of the issues came from management and staff. They are no longer in business because of this. I enjoyed my time there helping youth ."

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